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Basic Training for Real Estate Agents

This is the Basic Training for Real Estate Agents that every agent should have. Everything they should have taught you in real estate class, but didn't.

This book is for the newer agents that don't come from a sales background and were not corporate executives.

Your real estate class didn't actually teach you how to do the job and most real estate books are focused on taking your business to the next level or becoming a millionaire agent. But if you never get a good foundation, there's nothing to build on.

I firmly believe that anyone can be a successful real estate agent, make good money and love what they do - without selling their soul and grinding out 60 hour weeks on the phone.

Nearly every brokerage promises training, yet there seems to be no standard and stats say 87% of real estate agents don't last in the business. This book will give you an advantage and a head start and covers what every agent should know in four sections:

1. Mentally Preparing: Understanding the real estate business, why agents fail and how to increase your chances for success.

2. Getting Started: How to get the basic experience and knowledge you need so you can actually do the job, from using the MLS, showing homes, listing and offer contracts and dealing with clients, agents, closing. Everything you should do your first weeks and months so you can get competence and confidence before even having clients.

3. The Home Selling Process: What it takes to sell a home for top dollar and why homes don't sell.

4. Getting Leads: Dozens of ways to get leads so you can find ways that work for you, and put your new skills to use, close deals and get paid.

That's why this book is called 'Basic Training for Real Estate Agents'. While you never stop learning, this book covers the basics every agent needs to know, no matter what state you are in, what contract you use, or what office you work with.

If you are a soon-to-be, or newer real estate agent, this book is for you. It's designed to help you gain competence, confidence, and experience, so you can grow in success.

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