Real Estate is a relationship-based business that requires many skills. Ultimately, it's a service-based sales business. Agents don't sell a product exactly, we facilitate an exchange of a very high value personal space between two distinct parties with opposing goals. And while this business can be very enjoyable and profitable, it can be very difficult to get established.

Many people jump into real estate for the lure of large profits with only the modest barrier of a licensing test, yet they lack any real business experience. And this business requires a lot of knowledge, most of which is learned through time and experience, instead of some standard teaching. I also struggled, as a newer real estate agent, with the lack of basic training in the world of real estate.

I believe that experience is the best teacher, but learning from others is the best short cut to that experience without having to make every mistake yourself. While there is plenty of coaching out there, it is essentially one-dimensional - geared toward sales. The problem is that agents need more than just sales training, they also need to know the documents, the process, and how to do the job itself — essentially the basics.

My offer to help new agents is born from my own personal experience as a newer agent. When I reached out to other agents, I found that newer agents everywhere struggled. Experienced agents told me how they struggled as well in the beginning and how they overcame with time and experience. That lead me to realize there needs to be a place where newer real estate agents could go to get help and information that they weren't getting.

I'm here to help newer real estate agents be able to learn the basics, the process and the skills. I want to help new agents learn how to deal with people, negotiate financial and legal terms, guide the process, work with other agents, and how to market to get clients. I want to help you to be a successful real estate agent and make a good living.

The Goal

As a newer agent, the dream for most is to crush it. But like anything else, your talents, assets and situation are unique to you. Your path to success will be a different journey than those around you.

The goal here is to help newer real estate agents to learn and grow. What agents need is advice, solutions, tools, and resources to help them in their journey to success.

The ultimate success is when an agent becomes competent and confident and no matter the situation, they are able to adapt, succeed, and profit, while still enjoying what they do.

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