20 reasons I switched and love Xcellence Realty


There are many brokerages and offices agents can work, but one size doesn't fit all. I've spoken with many agents who have worked at top brokerages, boutique brokerages, mom & pop brokerages, and discount brokerages. They all have similar complaints. It's not working for them, or they're giving up too much money to work somewhere that isn't a fit.

When I was new, I picked a broker that promised me help and success, but got neither and I ended up struggling. As a new agent I was worried that all brokerages would be the same.

But, I was surprised when I found Xcellence Realty. I talked to agents there, and had a 1 hour conversation with the broker. I explored the software & tools and then I couldn't wait to join. I even got help switching my existing listings over to Xcellence Realty, which meant I didn't have to lose the progress I had made.

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact me or if you are ready to join me at Xcellence Realty, click here.

So here are 20 reasons I switched and love Xcellence Realty (XR):


  1. 100% commission Close Read more » It's true. No 70/30, 80/20, or especially no 50/50. I get 100% of the commission (usually 3% of the deal, but sometimes 6% if I get both sides). Big deal? True, there are other 100% brokerages, but XR is better. (see the rest of my reasons below). But if you're not getting 100% where you are, ask yourself "why?". What is your broker giving you for that 20/30/50%?
  2. Dedicated Agent Support Close Read more » If you're newer, or like me, always end up with the odd situations, you'll have questions. While you can call the broker, more importantly, there is dedicated help for XR agents, no matter where you are. Inside the Hub, you can direct message the person who handles broker support. I do it regularly. In a short amount of time, I'll get a response and we can chat back and forth. If it's more complicated and you need to talk, there is an agent support phone #. If you forget, just click the support link in the Hub and it will give you all the contact info. I've done all of this and have gotten all of my questions answered. Support is what many brokers advertise, but rarely do you have a dedicated agent support option. XR gives it to you. And I use it!
  3. Training & Classes Close Read more » XR has a library of information. Most of it is videos. But it's there for you to view anytime. Categories include: Contracts, the Hub, RBO, even agent training which includes coaching, lead generating, social media, and even book summaries of real estate experts. It's not perfect, but it's growing and of course, there are events scheduled for zoom/webinar training on important topics. Nothing beats learning and experience, but with direct access to agents, agent support and these trainings and classes, you've got something concrete vs just hoping your weekly training call covers something you need to know now.
  4. New XR Agent Orientation Close Read more » Moving brokers can be scary as it is, let alone the terror of having to learn all new systems in some cases. Don't worry too much. XR has someone who will walk you through an orientation of all the software and systems.  They will help you get logged in and download the apps to your phone if you like.  They will answer your questions, too. It will be thorough, but fast. So if you can't get it all, no sweat, it's all recorded so you can rewatch any time and catch what you missed.  XR wants you to be successful. They want you to be able to see the power and value in the tools and be able to crush it. Other brokerages often just gloss over things and send you your logins and hope you figure it out. This is a much better option.
  5. Help Transfering Your Listings Close Read more » If you already have a broker, you know that your listings belong to your broker (because you represent them). But many people don't know that if you got those listings (not your broker or team) then often your broker will let you take those listing with you. If you're already in escrow/title, then they'll probably stay and send you your check, but if not, you can often take those listings with you.  Most associations (we all belong to at least one) have a form to transfer them. If not, the MLS does.  I got help from XR in bringing over 3 active listings I had and they stayed in the MLS and were moved under XR instead of my other brokerage.  I had to get a few signatures from my sellers, and upload the docs to RBO, but I didn't have to go get all new listing contracts. How cool is that?!
  6. Variable Monthly Fee Close Read more » Every broker seems to have a monthly fee - $50-$100 per month to pay for your support, etc. But let's be real. Some brokerages don't seem to have any support. XR does, but you still get to choose how much you pay each month without reducing your support. You can choose the $99/mo plan, the $29/mo plan, or the $0/month plan. The only thing that is affected is your transaction fees for residential sales, or split if doing commercial. *And if you refer 3 agents to join also, your monthly fee will be paid for. See #20 below.
  7. Only $300 transaction fee Close Read more » All brokerages have their transaction fees. Some are up to $800 for clients to pay (or you). With XR, it's only $300 when you're on the $99/mo plan. On the $29/mo it's $550, and on the $0/mo it's $850 per transaction. The last one sounds steep, but if you do more than 2 transactions a year, it's probably best to be on the $99/mo plan. And then you can decide if you or your clients are paying the $300. It's probably not much different than what you're paying now. Btw, they give you the wording to add this fee to the contract for your client to pay (or leave it out if you're paying the transaction fee). No extra addendum needed.
  8. Less Paperwork Close Read more » When I was at the other brokerage, they required so many documents and steps to get a listing or buyer under contract. Company disclosures, MLS prelisting signatures, etc. Here, just the necessary docs only,  the contract and required addendum or disclosures, nothing more. That means my paperwork got cut in half instantly. Yes, btw, they do review your docs if you ask and when you request CDA.
  9. Easy 1hr CDA Close Read more » I've often heard from others about waiting for someone to do the CDA and get it correct and send it to you or the title company in a timely manner. I had that at my previous broker, but I've not had that problem at XR. In the software where you'll manage your docs, there is a tab for 'Request' with a link to generate the CDA. It's reviewed and completed almost always within an hour. It's amazing. And all I do is download it and email it to the title company. And it's done. No multiple emails, reissues, etc. But if for some reason you did make a mistake with it, just void/cancel it, fix the #s and resubmit. You'll have the updated CDA within an hour. I've subitted day of closing and gotten paid at closing. Awesome.
  10. RBO Document Manager Close Read more » I hate Dotloop. Others love it. XR uses Realty Back Office (RBO) and there's no extra charge. I love it. Yes, like any software, it has it's flaws, but in my experience, it's nearly perfect. Tabs for transactions, contacts, working documents, tasks, calendar, etc.  Inside each transaction is a tab for details, documents, contacts, financials, and request (cda). In working docs, you can select or upload the docs you need and download for wet signature, send for esign, make templates to reduce repetitive document creation, etc.  Then you can assign them to your transaction. No drag & drop and overwriting the wrong pre-existing docs that are confusing. RBO is easy to understand, works well, and in my opinion is NOT overwhelming. 
  11. E-sign anything and everything Close Read more » Obviously you need to get documents signed. While many of us use different software to get things esigned, here you don't need to. I can upload any document to the "working documents" tab and then add signors and send for signature. Those document can come from inside RBO, as when you're creating new docs, or you can upload them, if you received them from another agent (email, dotloop), or if you used Transaction Desk or something else. No more having to pay for extra esign software.
  12. Document Templates Close Read more » How many times do you fill out the same documents, with only a few fields that are different. I hate repetitive tasks. With RBO, I can create templates. Select or upload your document. Fill out the text fields (commission, whatever) and save the document. Just click 'Edit In New' and you'll get a clean document with those fields already filled out (and yes you can edit them). But what's even cooler, is that you can assign 2 dummy signers (signer A and signer B), add the respective required initials, signatures, dates, etc to the document and save. Then when you need to quickly create a new listing, addendum or offer, click 'Edit in New' and then add/edit the custom info, and then update the signers info (either select a contact or just enter name and email address). Now all those assigned fields belong to the new signers. Just click 'Submit Document' and off it goes to be esigned. Done. With templates I can have my docs and addendums done and sent for esign in 5 minutes! No more hours wasted.
  13. RBO CRM. Close Read more » Most brokerages will tell you to use a CRM. Most agents have no idea what it is or how to use it. XR has one built into RBO (and included free). You can use it, but don't have to. But when you're ready to learn, they will also teach you the basics with their training videos. A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool. It allows you to enter the contact for everyone you meet (leads, sphere, buyers, sellers) and then keep in contact with them by assigning followup tasks (call, email, remind, check-in) for future dates. Essentially managing and nurturing your pipeline for future business. It's there if you want it and not overly complicated like so many CRMs out there. 
  14. Communications Hub & App Close Read more » XR has a hub website. It's essentially like a mini Facebook, but no distractions from cat videos, ads, or 'What type of Realtor are you?' quizzes. You have the main timeline where people post announcements, new listings, looking for referral in [area],  agent needed for open house, etc.  All good things. In the 'News' area, there are important items like scam alerts, clarifications, and tips.  Then there's the 'Events' tab where new trainings might be listed. Of course you can respond, reply and private message other XR agents. Like Facebook, the browser tab will highlight when there are notices, messages, & replies for you.  Even better, it comes in app form that you can put on your phone so you're never too far from help.
  15. Marketing & Printing Portal Close Read more » Every brokerage has branding material etc. But XR goes a bit beyond. Here you can use the built in creator to make business cards, postcards, flyers or brochures, for sale signs and riders, and even social media posts. Login to the XR marketing portal and click new design. Select the type you want to make and then pick from templates to create your designs. For printables, you can send them out for print. Plus you can enter in your info in the settings so you don't have to type it for each product. Pretty simple and a great option. 
  16. Your Own Real Estate App Close Read more » Everyone is searching online for homes. everyone knows how to use an app. How cool would it be if you had your own app that allowed people to search homes and still come back to you. Well XR has this.  Give clients a link to download it and you look like a pro and don't have to pay someone to create an app for you.  Pretty cool option that not many others offers.
  17. Your Own Website Close Read more » Many brokerages offer this through some service. It's not too uncommon, but XR has it too, so don't feel like you're missing out.  Side note - I do recommend getting your own domain anyway.
  18. Xcellence Title Co Close Read more » It's not unusual for a brokerage to be associated with a title company. As always you do not have to choose them or use them. But what XR does differently with their associated title company is allow the title company to get docs straight out of RBO, so you don't even have to do extra work. And you can easily open title and get closing estimates.  And bonus, your client can pay the escrow online direct to title.  It's like somone finally figured out how to simplify this whole handoff process without dropping the ball.
  19. Xcellence Mortgage Co Close Read more » An associated mortgage company isn't as common as title, but it is an option that you have with XR. They are newer and improving, but if you don't have a local connection that you love to refer clients to, it is an option.
  20. Revenue Share Income. Close Read more » OK, this throws some people, but this is a great opportunity. It's becoming more common for real estate brokerages to offer some form of revenue share. Usually it means that for any agents that you inspire to join the brokerage, you get a piece of the money they generate for the office/broker.  So if the agent is in a 70/30 split, the house (broker) gets 30%. You may get a percent of that. The problem is you only get paid if the agents produce and close deals. Other brokerages offer stock, but you have to stay and vest for that stock to be fully yours and sellable.

    XR does this differently. Every broker generally requires agents to pay monthly fees as well as transaction fees. Once you've inspired agents to join XR, you get those monthly fees every month, not the house/broker. That's guaranteed income that is not based on how much agents sell (or stopped if they 'cap out'). That means you'll have some cushion for those slow months, or an advertising budget you can count on. And Bonus! You also get a piece of their transaction fees when they produce. And everyone is still getting 100% commission! How's that for awesome?!


There you have my 20 reasons I chose XR and love it.

I know you're probably getting emails, texts and calls to change or join brokerages.  But what are you looking for? Honestly, most brokerages are pretty similar. So you'll need to figure out where you are in your real estate journey and what features & options you need to be more successful, less stressed, and able to love what you do without feeling guilty or lost.

Wherever you are, whatever brokerage you're with or looking at, ask these questions:

  • Do they have all of these things above? I know many promise they do, but I've fallen for that as well. Just ask them to show it all to you. I've asked and all they say is we have it. Commit and we'll show you.  Show me first.
  • Based on how many sales you average (or expect) will you be making money, or giving up money? (hint: most agents do 10 or less deals a year, and do not cap out).


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